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17 years old?

At 17, things get a bit more interesting

In January 2013, a new license was introduced for 17+ year

The A1 license is a full motorcycle license. You should do
this test:


  • Ride up to 125cc motorcycles or scooters
  • Ditch the L plates
  • Take passengers
  • No more CBTs, which need to be renewed every 2
  • Reduce your insurance bills

A1 training info

Other good sense reasons to take the A1 motorcycle test:

You will be trained to full Direct Access Scheme standards
to pass the test on a 125cc motorcycle and therefore be a fully qualified
driver at 17 years old, rather than a beginner/learner rider, riding on L
plates to reflect your limited knowledge.

CBT is just what it says on the tin: Compulsory BASIC Training…
so it cannot be a daft idea to want to progress your knowledge and up your
skills to a much higher standard.

You will be riding at a much higher standard for 2 years,
until you are old enough for the A2 test and medium size bikes – this test will
be a walk over by that time and will not require you to complete extensive
training above and beyond the test itself.


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